Plan ahead and give yourself enough time at the Pickup and the Dropoff

Bedding, Cushions & Pillows:
Should be packed in boxes, or large bags.

Pack books in small, strong, securely taped boxes. DO NOT pack in dresser drawers!
Remove loose shelves from bookcases.

Boxes and Packing:
If you choose to perform your own packing, remember light but bulky articles should be
placed in large containers. Heavy items such as books and canned goods should go in
small containers.
Do not over pack boxes. Use cartons with tops so they can be taped.
Do not pack above the edge of the containers. They have to be placed one on top of the
other inside the truck. Pack Heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes.
Mark all cartons showing clearly which room they will be placed at destination. This will
speed up unpacking.

Separate items that are not to go in the truck should be marked "DO NOT MOVE". Please let the driver know about
these items upon our arrival so they are not moved by us.

Wrap china and all fragile items in newspaper or white newsprint and pack in strong boxes or dish pack containers.
Pack heaviest items on the bottom.

Dresser and chest drawers with clothing or soft items such as linens can usually remain in the drawers. The drawers
should not be overloaded. Other factors such as the stairs involved with your move and the weight of the dresser
should also be considered. Anything other than clothing or soft items should definitely be removed and packed in

Frozen/Refrigerated Foods:
The driver is not responsible for these items. However it is usually not a problem if they are packed in a separate

House Plants:
It is best to move plants in your car, if possible.

Linens, curtains, blankets and wearing apparel are best placed in strong cases, cartons or trunks. Drapes can be
hung in wardrobe cartons.

Valuable pictures should be padded, wrapped and placed in specially designed containers.

Paints, Aerosol Cans, Flammables and Firearms:
NOT to be packed or shipped in our trucks. This also includes LP-Gas tanks. We can transport BBQ grills, we just
cannot transport the LP tank in our truck. They are simple to disconnect.

Parking and Elevators:
Please make arrangements to have elevator access and proper parking at both locations. This is especially
important for downtown, hi-rise type of moves. For apartment moves it is sometimes easiest to simply park two cars
in the parking spots in front of your walkway, then upon our arrival simply pull out and we will pull in. The trucks are
large, so two parking spots are better than one in this application.

Pets and Children:
The best situation here is having a babysitter or pet sitter at a separate location. We do understand that you may
have to have pets or small children that need supervision with you. In this situation we suggest having an activity
planned for the children in one room of the house where little or no moving activity will take place. For the pets,
please keep them away from the movers. The most important safety factor here is that It is dangerous to have
anyone or anything unpredictable around the movers feet.

Pots & Pans:
Pack kitchen utensils in barrels (dish packs). Stove drawers must be emptied.

Refrigerators & Appliances:
All contents must be removed. Please have all plumbing connections disconnected.

It is not necessary for you to remove your throw rugs from floors. The movers will take care of them.

Valuables and Medicine:
Remove all valuables such as prescriptions, any medicine, jewelry, legal documents, liquor, etc. We suggest that
you transport these items in your car.

Wall Fixtures & Brackets:
The movers are not allowed to remove or re-hang any items that are affixed to walls.

Utilities and Change-Of-Address:
Notify your post office, financial institutions, homeowners/renters insurance, pharmacy, driver license branch,
newspaper carrier, magazines, etc. of your change of address. Also, don't forget to order your telephone, cable and
electricity changed or disconnected.

*Remember: Plan ahead! Make your arrangements as soon as possible.
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